About SEE

The School of Electrical Engineering (SEE, original name the department of electrical machinery, or the department of electrical engineering) of Chongqing University, established in 1935, which is one of the oldest and most powerful school in Chongqing University, and gains good reputation at home and abroad. In the past 85 years, SEE has trained more than 20,000 high-level talents for the coun...

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Spot News

On the morning of May 22nd, 2021, Professor Wu Jianzhong, Head of School of Engineering from Cardiff University, was invited to deliver a speech at the Online Lecture Hall on the topic of Integrated Multi-vector Energy Systems. The series of online academic lectures were jointly organized by the School of Electrical Engineering of Chongqing University, the State Key Laboratory of Power Transmis...

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On 24th April, 2021, the second day of 2021 Spring Sports Meeting of Chongqing University, the competition officially started. The rainy weather and the slippery ground made the intense race more difficult, but the athletes of the School of Electrical engineering adjusted their condition to the best and worked hard to during all the matches.After sufficient preparation in the early stage and tw...

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