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 School of Electrical Engineering, Chongqing University


School of Electrical Engineering (SEE), established in 1935, is one of the oldest and strongest schools in Chongqing University. With one undergraduate major in electrical engineering and automation and one graduate major in electrical engineering, the school has 2500 students currently enrolled. SEE aims to fulfill national needs and achieve industrial goals corresponding to national development strategy of power energy.


The school has a high-level teaching staff with strong academic background, including 1 academician from Canadian Academy of Engineering and Engineering Institute of Canada, 2 Professor supported by the Thousand Talents Program, 4 Professors of the Yangtze River Scholars Award Program, 3 Professors supported by the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars,1 Professor as an Outstanding mid-aged expert, 9 professors supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, 7 professors supported by the Foundation for University Key teachers by the Ministry of Education of China.


In terms of research conditions, SEE owns 2 national key research bases and 8 provincial and ministerial key research bases that provide strong support and guarantee for scientific research achievements. Guided by national strategy and major needs of the country, the school has currently accumulated remarkable results in the fields of insulation and disaster prevention of transmission and distribution equipment, reliability and risk assessment of power system and equipment, and safety of new energy power equipment and system.


Collaborative innovation center was founded by SEE in 2017, focusing on Smart Energy, Insulation of Power Transmission and Distribution Equipment & System Security and Disaster Prevention, Reliability and Risk Assessment of Power System and Equipment, New Energy Power Equipment and System Security, New Technology of Electrical Engineering and Its Application, and New Motor and Its Intelligent Drive, and build cross-discipline research teams. SEE sincerely invites excellent young scholars to join us. Chongqing University and SEE will provide competitive salary and benefits, and build first-class research and teaching platform to ensure the development of you and the school.



Talents from the following disciplines are welcome:

Electrical/ Electronic/

Microelectronics engineering

Advanced Materials and Devices

Computer Science


Intelligence Science and Technology

Information and Communication


Mathematics and Computational Science

Energy Storge

Distributed Energy Supply and Sustainable energy

Control Science and Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Technology



Recruiting Schemes

1. Hongshen Excellent Scholar

Application Qualifications: generally under the age of 45; with independent scientific research abilities and stable research directions, active academic thinking, and the ability to be an academic leader in related fields; National-level Young Talents (Program).

Employment Mode: full-time professor with doctoral tutor qualification

Salary and Remuneration: an annual salary of CNY 600,000; teaching and scientific research rewards; relocation fee up to CNY 2,100,000; research start-up grant of CNY 2,000,000-6,000,000.


2. Hongshen Young Scholar- A/B Post

 Application Qualifications: generally under the age of 35; with no less than 2 years academic work experience; Post A candidate should be nominated by National-level Young Talents Program, or have a teaching or research experience of an assistant professor position from a well-known international university/ institution, or equivalent. Post B candidate should be awarded at least a second prize of National Natural Science Award, National Technological Invention Award, or National Science and Technology Progress Award (Ranking top 3), or a first prize of provincial and ministerial Science and Technology Award (Ranking top1); or be a first /corresponding author of at least 5 ESI highly cited papers or hot papers.

• Employment Mode: full-time professor with doctoral tutor qualification 

• Salary and Remuneration: an annual salary of CNY 350,000-450,000; teaching and scientific research rewards; relocation fee of CNY 500,000-600,000; research start-up grant of CNY 1,000,000-2,000,000.


3. Professor/associate professor

• Application Qualifications: professor or associate professor of a research university at home and abroad with high academic attainments; the age of a professor is generally under 45; the age of an associate professor is generally under 35.

• Employment Mode: Full-time

• Salary and Remuneration: Salary implements under the merit pay system; relocation fee and research start-up grant are provided.


4. Hongshen Young Teacher

• Application Qualifications: have a PhD obtained within 3 years from a well-known university or institution at home or abroad; under the age of 35.

• Employment Mode: Postdoctoral Researchers

• Salary and Remuneration: an annual salary of CNY 300,000/400,000; teaching and scientific research rewards; have opportunities to participate university assessment for professional and technical qualification; excellent candidates can transfer to full-time teaching posts.


5. Full-time scientific researchers

• Application Qualifications: have a doctoral degree; loyal to the education of party and people; high quality of teacher’s professional ethics.

• Employment Mode: Full-time

• Salary and Remuneration: annual salary + scientific research rewards; have opportunities to participate university assessment for professional and technical qualification; excellent candidates can transfer to full-time teaching posts.



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