Graduate Program

Doctor Degree Program

2017-06-05 15:35

Postgraduate Program for Doctor Degree in Chongqing University



Electrical Engineering



1. Educational Objectives

1) Graduate cultivation should fully implement the party''s education policy, face the main battlefield of the national economy, and cultivate morally, intellectually and physically developed advanced professional talents who are dedicated to socialist modernization

2) The objective of the program is to cultivate high-quality PhD graduate students who:

l  master firm and broad basic theories and systematic in-depth expertise

l  get the ability to undertake independent scientific research

l  made creative achievements in science or a special technology.


2. Length and Period of schooling

1) The schooling length of full-time doctor degree in Electrical Engineering is commonly 3 to 4 years;

2) The schooling length of MD-PhD in Electrical Engineering is common 5 to 6 years;

3) The schooling length of part-time master degree in Electrical Engineering is commonly not more than 4 years;

4) The schooling length of part-time doctor degree in Electrical Engineering is commonly not more than 6 years;

Students are allowed to advance or postpone graduation according to the actual situation.


3. Cultivating methods

1) Graduate cultivation takes the way of combination of courses and dissertation. Credit system is applied in graduate course. Students should complete the regulated credits within the study period. After course examination and dissertation defense, they can apply for and obtain a degree in order to graduate.

2) Graduate cultivation is conducted by the Department, and the supervisor is responsible for specific guidance. Supervisor should emphasize that graduate study focuses on independent study. The role of the supervisor is to grasp the direction, to mobilize students’ learning initiative and consciousness, to strengthen the training of graduate students'' creative thinking ability, and to enhance their comprehensive ability as self-learning, manipulative ability, expression, writing, innovation, etc.

3) Teaching methods can be flexible and varied, focusing on heuristics and discussion style. Organizing graduates to attend academic lectures, seminars, workshops, social practice and other activities according to the actual situation to broaden students’ knowledge structure, develop and improve their ability to analyze and solve practical problems.


4. Credit Requirements and Curriculum

1) PhD students in electrical engineering are cultivated on the first-level discipline of electrical engineering. Courses are not divided as degree courses and non-degree courses, but generally couses with strong theoretical property are regarded as degree courses.

2) Curriculum and Credit Requirements:

(1) the time of taking course for full-time PhD students is generally one year, part-time ones is generally not more than two years.

(2) Doctoral students should get 14 credits by passing the exam test. Test subjects and credits are: Marxist theory--2 credits; First Foreign Language--3 credits; generally 3~4 basic theory (math courses are no more than 3 credits) courses and professional courses, totaling not less than 7 credits.

(3) The chosen course name and credits calculation should be consistent with the Graduate School and the provisions of the Sub-Committee of SEE. The credit hours of each course shall not exceed 30 credit hours (30 hour--2 credits), and the courses should be different from the ones learnt during master degree. If needed, students can choose courses provided by other School in Chongqing University.

(4) Choosing of The second foreign language for PhD students is conducted according to the relevant requirements of Chongqing University.

(5) Academic report must be heard at least eight times, and PhD students should fill out the “Academic Report for Graduate Student in Chongqing University ". After passing by their supervisor, 1 credit is added as additional credit (not included in the column of 14 credits).

(6) When courses are all over, students must take multidisciplinary examination (including three degree courses and professional foreign language). The examination is developed by a 3-5 professors or associate professor (or corresponding titles) with same discipline or related disciplines who consist Examination Board, and one Examination Board Chairman is set but the supervisor may not serve as chairman. The examination includes written and oral parts (the content must have professional foreign language. After the examination, examination paper should be handed to graduate student teaching affairs office.


5. Evaluation and Performance Management

       Courses and various learning processes should be evaluated according to their  teaching plan. The required credits can only be obtained after examination.

1) Evaluation methods

         Depending on the different courses and learning processes, there are following situations:

(1) Assessment course is divided into examination, examine in two ways. Credits examinations should be made two-thirds of the total number of credits (19 credits) or more. Required courses will be taking examinations, elective examination or test can be carried out, but in the training program must be clear. Assessment programs can written, oral, or written test plus oral manner. When the assessment can be unwound closed book closed book or open other methods were combined. Specific ways and means adopted is determined by the speaker teachers. Either way it should be according to the actual level of the curriculum requirements postgraduate examination. Speaking two or more teachers shall preside.

         (2) Graduate of the first foreign language examination shall be carried out by the final exam and degree exams, the students are given comprehensive results by the School of Foreign Language and Culture.

         (3) Symposia, experiments, teaching practice, literature review and discussion topics such as teaching aspects of the assessment report, by examining the way. Examined primarily on graduate students usually complete the job, the end of the mandate or inspection to be assessed by the teacher or the teacher write reviews. At the same time students, instructors will be completed every aspect submit uploaded to the Internet.

(4)  Graduate degree thesis is examined by thesis dissertation.

2) . Scores evaluation

(1) Examination Courses (except First Foreign Language) all use percentile score.

(2) First Foreign Language (including professional language) and test course by the excellent (90 points), good (80-89 points), medium (70 to 79 minutes), pass (60-69 points), failed (59 points or less) five scoring mode of taxation assessment results.

(3) For certain courses (such as experimental courses, etc.)that are difficult to use  five level, "pass" or "no go" two score can be used. The teacher is responsible for written comments.

 3) Test questions

         Questions prepared by the teachers, which should be reviewed and approved by the head of the Department commenced, the time should be no less than two hours. Basic English and professional English exams is designed by Graduate School of Chongqing University.

4) Course retaking

         After the commencement of the selected course graduate teaching program must take the exam assessment. The course examination or test to participate, their performance assessed by failing to allow over the next rebuilt. Course Assessment disciplinary or cheat who score zero, the educational performance is better, allowing it to participate in the next course of examination. Rehabilitation or re-examination shall apply to the Office of the Graduate School of culture retake or re-examination procedures. The same course can allow rebuilt twice, the first rehabilitation course grade according rebuilt actual performance record, and note the "retake"; and second rehabilitation courses with passing grades (more than 60 percentile points) and above all by passing score or 60 points record and marked "retake"; and failing grades must enter the actual achievement "Graduate Information Management System" and indicate "retake", loading the student file. Twice rebuilt fail, the abolition rebuilt qualifications. After graduate because things can not participate in the examination of the cause of the relevant formalities can participate in the next test, the results do not indicate the "retake". Absent without reason by the results in mind, "zero" points, second rehabilitation examinations shall be marked "retake".

5) Performance Management

(1) Marks recording

Teachers should be sent within two weeks, "Chongqing University Graduate Record Registration Form" after the test. Public course grade, along with papers, papers sent to graduate school, professional basic courses and Scores together with papers, where questions sent to college students. Graduate School of Public Course should be promptly transferred to the Graduate School of points where each college should be the basic course and a copy to the Graduate School Scores. When results documented, for the exemption procedure should be marked by report card "exemption"; and because of exams, but failed test should be indicated on the transcript rehabilitation "retake"; and because of sick leave is not rebuilt on those transcripts marked "retake".

(2) Test questions, test paper and documentation

         Tests of public courses, papers ARE kept by the graduate school. professional basic courses and specialized courses examination papers, papers, are kept by SEE.


6. Thesis for PhD students

1) Doctoral thesis work time should generally be less than 2 years;

2) The PhD should normally be the first school year, in the Department of topics for dissertations and reports, and students, instructors valid unless submitted online. Failure to timely submit a response time extended.

3) The thesis topic should be selected in theory or practice have a greater significance for the national economy has advanced nature of the subject.

4) In research and thesis writing process, the doctoral training program should be in line for a regular report within the dissertation stage; instructor, department head of the thesis work should be regularly checked.


7. Dissertation

1) PhD in obtaining the required credits and pass a comprehensive exam, and according to "Chongqing University on master or doctoral degree graduate student during the reading of academic papers published regulations" complete papers, may apply for pre-defense, defense.

2) Doctoral Sub-Committee in general should be assessed two months before the thesis submitted to the degree dissertation defense application and apply for a PhD thesis, and dissertation papers related to formal published research, award certificates and reflect Social evaluation material doctoral level. Degree evaluation committee of at least 1.5 months before the defense notify the applicant whether the consent application.

3) Students shall be postponed doctoral general reply. If there are special reasons for an extension of time are required to apply in advance to the President to extend the report, submitted for examination and approval after the approval of the Graduate School. The first extension may not exceed one year, a second extension for a period of 0.5 years.

4) A peer-reviewed papers and copies of which cannot be recovered less than 5 parts (with the proviso that year in accordance with the requirements of the Executive Office of Academic Degrees). To reviewer, review period should not be  less than 1.5 months.

5) Dissertation committee consists of five to seven members, the respondent committee should be the title of professor or equivalent experts, including at least two schools outside experts in relevant disciplines, and at least four doctoral tutor hired to participate. Chairman of the Committee must be held by the respondent or academician doctoral tutor, tutors and mentors may not serve as deputy defense committee.

6) The dissertation committee by secret ballot, to vote on whether to agree to grant doctorate; by all members of the defense committee over two thirds consent before a thesis. The President, with all the materials thesis defense committee after the signing of the resolution, together with the respondent records submitted Degree Evaluation Sub-Committee.

7) After completion of the first draft of the paper should be held two months before the thesis pre-defense organized by the Department to further listen to and revise their papers, the revised paper printed with a laser printer. After the doctoral defense, shall reviewers and issues raised in the reply, to send Degree Evaluation Sub-Committee of the Secretariat and the college library to re-amend nine dissertations, printing, copying, binding, and in the process from school before completing the procedure, or not go through school procedures.


8. Student Status Management

       Except in strict accordance with the provisions of Chongqing University, graduate student management school roll management additional provisions are as follows:

1) PhD students

(1) There is a compulsory course exam were given a warning, rebuilt fail to cancel school.

(2) In excess of requirements (including the approval of the extension period) school years who, for automatic withdrawal process.

(3) Student who failed the PhD thesis, the dissertation committee agreed to modify the thesis within two years, to re-apply for a reply; to do qualifiers, canceled school.

2) The withdrawal or cancellation of enrollment of graduate school education certificate issued. Learning a full year, those who pass the exam issued proof of graduation.


9. Discipline, Research Field and Curriculum

1) Discipline, Research Field

         SEE has the first-level discipline in Electrical Engineering,

         The research field are as follows:

1. New Type of Electric Machines and its Control

2. The microcomputer Measurement and Control Technology of Electric Machines

3. The New Transmission Technology

4. Planning and Reliability Electric Power System

5. Automation of Electric Power System

6. Operation and Control of Electric Power System

7. Electricity Market

8. High Voltage Insulation Design in Special Atmospheric Environment

9. Online Intelligent Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Electrical Equipment Insulation

10. Overvoltage and Grounding Technique of Electrical Power System

11. New Technology of High Voltage

12. The Application of Power Electronic Technology in Electrical Power System

13. Comprehensive Treatment Technology of Power Harmonic

14. Power Electronic Devices and Control

15. New Technology of Electrical Engineering Theory and its Application

16. Digital Management and its Automation of Electrical Power System

17. Signal Processing and Medical Instrument

18. Electromagnetic Compatibility and Environmental Protection

19. Observation and control of Electrical Power System and Technology of Network Communication

20. Power System Monitoring and Network Communication Technology

2) Curriculum

         080800 Electrical Engineering, (PhD students)

         The discipline includes the following majors:

1. Electric Machine and Electric Apparatus

2. Power System and Its Automation

3. High-voltage and Insulation

4. Power Electronics and Power Drive

5. Electrical Theory and New Technology    

3) List of courses

Course Type

Course Code

Course Name

Credit Hours



Course Requirement

Foundation Courses



Modern Revolution of Science and Technology and Marxism





First Foreign Language   Basic English

Second Foreign Language               

Minority Language










Degree Courses

Notes: 1. Compulsory courses of the first-level discipline should not be more than 8.

    2. Bi-lingual courses should be marked *;

3. Semester is limited in 1, 2, and 3; degree course in semester is limited in 1 and2.



Artificial Intelligence and Computing Method





Power System Protection and Control





Super and Ultra High Voltage Transmission Technology





* Theory of cConverter and Its Application





Power System Planning and Operation





Electromagnetic Shielding Principle, Algorithm and Application





Electric Machine and Its System Analysis and Simulation