Online Lecture Presented by Professor Chen Zhe, Aalborg University, Denmark

2021-06-16 17:12

On the afternoon of June 12nd, 2021, Professor Chen Zhe, member of European Academy of Sciences and Arts and Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, was invited to deliver a speech at the "Online Lecture Hall" on the topic of " Sustainable Energy Systems". The series of online academic lectures were jointly organized by the School of Electrical Engineering of Chongqing University, the State Key Laboratory of Power Transmission Equipment and System Security, and were hosted by Professor Ren Zhouyang, Dean Assistant of the School.

Before the lecture officially started, Professor Ren extended a warm welcome to Professor Chen's participation in the "Online Lecture Hall" and provided a brief introduction of Professor Chen's research areas to the audience.

During the lecture, Professor Chen first introduced the basic information about some research activities at the department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark, including the results of the recently completed project.

Then, Professor Chen briefed the new renewable energy-based technologies, possible solutions and discussed the possible solutions to the technical challenges, including some technical developments in Denmark. Afterward, Professor Chen discussed how wind and solar power systems that can be connected to the grid and the challenges they present, such as ensuring a stable system due to randomness and improving the flexibility of the power system. Finally, he gave the audience a deeper analysis of the current situation through a project example.

Students and teachers actively participated in the final Q&A session, in which questions such as whether 100% renewable energy is possible in China, what kind of energy will replace new energy after the share of new energy increases, and so on were raised. Professor Chen answered each question in detail.  

The Smart Energy "Online Lecture Hall" is an online thematic academic venue set up by the School as a response to the epidemic prevention and control norm. Researchers from abroad are invited to discuss research hotspots and academic frontiers related to smart energy.