Volunteers from the School of Electrical Engineering Carried out Leaf Collection and Re-creation Activities

2021-04-02 17:58

From March 24th to March 28th 2021, the Young Volunteers Association of the School of Electrical Engineering held a leaf collection and re-creation activity, encouraging volunteers to pick up the fallen leaves on the road of the campus and reuse the leaves to create personalized works.

At the beginning of the activity, our volunteers firstly signed up and picked up bags, then they were divided into small groups to pick up leaves along the campus road and returned the outcome to staff. After picking up the leaves, the volunteers made use of the leaves for inspiration to re-create lovely handcrafts.

During March 27th and 28th, the volunteers submitted their vivid and interesting works at the South Square of the First Dining Hall.

With the joint efforts of the students and the Student Union of the Youth League Committee of the School of Electrical Engineering, this activity was successfully completed. This activity not only kept the campus clean, but also greatly enhanced the students' creativity and improved their awareness of environmental recycling.