Freshmen Embark on a New Journey at SEE

2020-09-15 17:28

Registration for 2020 new undergraduate students took place on September 7th to 9th. With a warm welcome from teachers and senior students, our freshmen arrived on campus to embark on a new journey at SEE.


Due to the present circumstances of COVID-19, freshmen completed the registration on their own, without the help from parents. Senior student volunteers assisted our freshmen to get familiar with the campus and provide them with a sense of belonging.


Orientation meeting started in Library 1-F Lecture Hall on Huxi Campus and was held simultaneously online. School leadership including Xie Kaigui, Wu Jia, Meng Fanqi, Yang Fan, Hu Jianlin, Ren Zhouyang, Student office staff Luo Min, Yu Hui, Han Yuting and student representative Dai Xiang attended the meeting.


The orientation was chaired by vice secretary of CPC committee Wu Jia.


Secretary of CPC committee Xie Kaigui addressed the meeting.


Dean assistant Ren Zhouyang delivered a speech on international communication of SEE. 


Vice dean Yang Fan introduced overall undergraduate programs of SEE for freshmen.



Our freshmen actively participate in the Q&A session.